Graphology- A Science

Today, I am discussing my first love “Graphology”. It is a stream of a diverse section of sciences of character analysis. During ancient times, man has been differentiated by human uniqueness and variability of a person. Graphology in specific concentrates on interpreting a person’s persona and character attributes by analyzing the handwriting.

By using graphology, people can analyze character and personality as a thing: changing anyone’s behavior by altering handwriting is another. This process of therapy is known as graphotherapy.

Graphology is now making a more widely known science. People will agree that the human subconscious manifests itself a single way or another, music, art, and much more. It will interpret this manifestation, implementing the most commonly used human subconscious-world connection, handwriting!

People can use graphology to know what one is sending through the long strokes? The long final strokes show how careful anyone is. Employing graphology people know that the writer will be inclined too carefully and cautious. This will decrease the mentality to be impulsive and lessens risk in decision making.

The long final strokes explore how careful anyone is. Using graphology will decrease the tendency to speedily and decreases the risk in decision making. It will differ from one another.

Image Source- Pixabay



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